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Knowledge Alone Does Not Suffice.

Muhammad bin Abi ‘Ali al-Asbahaanee recited:

“Act upon your knowledge and you will profit, O man
Knowledge does not benefit so long as one does not perfect his actions
Knowledge is beauty and Taqwa (Fear) of Allah is its decoration
Those with Taqwa are always preoccupied with their knowledge
The proof of Allah, O possessor of knowledge, is immense
Neither plotting nor scheming concerning it is of any use
Acquire knowledge and perform deeds as much as you can
And do not let vain pastimes and argumentation distract you
Always make it your goal to benefit the people
And beware, beware of fatigue and weariness overtaking you
Admonish your brother with gentleness when he makes a mistake
For knowledge is affectionate with those who are overcome by errors
And if you are amidst a people that have no religious morals
Then command them to do good when they act ignorantly (i.e. sin)
And if they disobey you, then remind them without getting annoyed
And be patient, strive in patience and do not let their actions worry you
For every goat is attached to its two feet
Have patience whether they are oppressive or fair.”
al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi’s ‘Iqtida’ al-‘Ilm al-‘Amal’


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Do Not Consider Yourself Safe From Four

 “The people of knowledge and insight do not consider themselves safe from four things:

1     . A past sin which he committed and he does not know whether Allah will forgive him for it or punish him for it

2.      What is left of his life, whether there is something therein waiting to destroy him;

3.    A favor that Allah bestowed upon him, perhaps it is a plot which will lead him step by step to his eventual destruction and ruin;

4.   Deviance which is beautified for him so that he sees it to be guidance and in a split second, his heart can deviate and he will be stripped of his deen and he does not even realize it.”

Siyar a’laam an-Nubalaa’

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‘O People, Prepare for Departure!’

Habib al-‘Abid reports: Once, when I arrived in al-Basrah, I was surprised to see that the markets were closed, and the streets empty.

I called out, “O people of Basrah, is this some kind of holiday of yours that I am unaware of?”

Someone answered, “No, but al-Hasan al-Basri is in the main gathering place (of basrah), giving a khutbah to the people.”

I hurried to his gathering , and when I arrived there, I saw him sitting down on some high ground .

He was saying:

“O people, prepare for departure, for very little time remains from this world.

Prepare to move (to the akhirah), for there is no way to stay here.

Do you not know that you will soon be surrendered to the place of trial?

Do you not know that each one of you will soon be alone with his deeds and that you will be presented (with your deeds) to Allah on the day of judgment?

He forbade you from sinning, but you have not stopped sinning.

He (threatened) you with the hell-fire, but you are neither afraid nor terrified of it.

He has encouraged you to seek our Jannah, but you do not (seem to) desire it or long for it.

Your white hairs are warning you of approaching death, so what are you waiting for?

O white-haired one, you are able to perform good deeds , so what is your excuse.

O one who obeys his mouth and his desires, who wastes his share of the akhirah by taking his entire share in this world, who persists in committing sins and evil deeds , if only I knew : what your excuse will be before him?

What argument will you put forth when you go to him? You are lost and misguided, so ask Allah, the All-Mighty, to forgive both me and you.”

(al-Mawa’idh wal-Majalis’ , pg 181)


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Adorn Yourselves for the Greater Display


`Umar bin al-Khattab (radiAllahu `anhu) said,


“Take account of your own selves (i.e., of your deeds), before you will be taken to account (on the Day of Resurrection).


Weigh yourselves (i.e., your deeds) before you will be weighed (i.e., before your deeds will be put on the balances on the Day of Resurrection).


Verily, if you hold yourselves accountable today, the accountability tomorrow (i.e., the Day of Resurrection) will be easier upon you.


And adorn yourselves for the greater display (i.e., for when you will be brought to Judgment):



“That Day shall you be brought to Judgment,

not a secret of you will be hidden.” (Quran 69:18)



Sifatus-Safwah 1/149


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“Woe to you!” {AMAZING REMINDER!}

Reminder to myself first and foremost and then to my respected brothers and beloved sisters inshaAllah.

‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

“O, you perpetrator of sin! Do not feel safe from the end result of it, when what follows the sin is greater than the sin which you committed, for to feel little or no embarrassment towards those on the right and the left of you when you committed the sin is greater than the sin which you committed. Your laughter, when you know not what Allah will do to you is greater than the sin. Your happiness with the sin if you succeeded in doing it is greater than the sin, and your unhappiness at being unable to commit the sin is greater than the sin if you had succeeded in committing it. Your fear of the wind if it moved the curtain covering your door while you were committing the sin and your heart is not disturbed by Allah seeing you is greater than the sin which you committed. Woe to you!

Do you know what was the sin of Ayyub (peace be upon him) and why Allah, the Most High tested him in his body and by the loss of his wealth? The sin of Ayyub was only that a poor man sought his help in alleviating injustice that had befallen him, but he did not help him and he did not enjoin the good or forbid the oppressor from commiting injustice against this poor man and so Allah, the all Mighty, the all Powerful put him to trial.”

[Hilyat ul Awliyaa’]


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Washed Away 50 000 Ahadith!


The father of Abee Aasim said: I heard my son narrate from Abu Abdullah al-Kasa`i; I heard ibn Abee Aasim say:   

 When the affair of al-Alawee occurred in Basrah all of my books were lost, so I re-wrote fifty thousand ahadith from memory. I used to go to the greengrocers’ shop and write using the light of his lamp. Then I realised that I had not asked the permission of the owner of the lamp to sit in its light so I went to the sea and washed away all I had written and wrote it again.  

[Siyar a’laam an-Nubalaa’ 13/430-439]


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The jurist of Samarkand says that the person who does one good deed should be weary of four things (imagine what a person who commits a sin should be afraid of!) :

  • The fear of not being accepted because Allah says:
    ‘Allah only accepts from those who fear.’ [Maidah: 27]
  • The fear of showing off, for Allah says:
    ‘They have been instructed to worship Allah sincerely; religion is for him Alone.’ [Bayinah: 5]
  • The fear of preserving the good deed because Allah says:
    ‘Whoever brings a good deed shall have ten times its reward.’ [An`am: 160]
  • The fear of being deserted in performing good deeds, for Allah says:
    ‘And my guidance cannot come except from Allah, in Him I trust and unto Him I repent’ [Hud: 88]


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