So you will be well pleased

One of the most uplifting verses you’ll ever recite is, “Surely your Lord will give you; and you will be pleased.” Surat al-Duha.

Of course the verse came down about the Prophet ﷺ and his concern about his umma. But that doesn’t mean it has no other application. Applications of verses are by their general language not their reasons for revelation. The conditions of this verse applying to us are all the conditions of acceptance of du’a such as halal food, trying to avoid sins, and fulfilling obligations.

But this verse works wonders. Next time you’re down, repeat this verse to yourself all day and see how your heart changes.


1 The first secret in this verse is it takes our eyes off the present and directs it to the future.

“Sawfa” means will in the future. It doesn’t say what future. It leaves it open ended. Maybe next hour, maybe next month. Who knows. You enter into the wonderful state of expectation. (Sometimes, the expectation of receiving is even better than the receiving itself!)

This upends a common pitfall people descend into: that the future will be much like today. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, human history tells us the exact opposite. Everything is always changing. Nothing stays the same.

2 The “L” before sawfa is a letter of emphasis. “He will definitely give you.” Have absolute certainty. It’s gonna happen for sure.

4 “Yu’teeka” – He will give you. Everyone loves to receive something. It’s human nature. And when you know the giver is Allah, it increases our love for Him.

This word too is open ended. It doesn’t say what He will give us. It’s important to keep our mind open to all possibilities. Your good news may come at work, may come at home, may come in the mail, may be completely non-physical. But one thing’s for sure…something good is coming.

5 “Fa tardaa” – You will immediately be happy. Because sometimes you get what you want but it doesn’t make you happy in the way you imagined. But in this case, you will not be disappointed; you will receive and be pleased.

What a verse. Such compact meanings and really life altering feeling in four words and three particles. 18 letters in all. “There is no replacement for His words.” But to truly settle in the heart, it much constantly be repeated over and over and over.

Authored by Shaykh Dr Shadee al Masry



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2 responses to “So you will be well pleased

  1. maria izhar

    I believe your mistake was unintended, but it’s Dr.Shadee Elmasry


  2. The authors name is written in the original post.


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