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It Will Demolish All Your Sins

❝I calculated the reward of one who completes the Qur’an cover to cover.
When you recite the entire Qur’an from al-Fatiha to to an-Nas, you get approximately 33 million, 200 thousand rewards.
That’s on a normal day. It’s worth way more than that in the month of Ramadan.
Even if you read a little bit, it’s still a lot.
It will demolish all your sins.❞
‎—Shaykh Ahmad Jibrīl

In #Ramadan it is x70, so that equals 2 billion 324 million rewards waiting to be put on the scale of your good deeds.
Be of the winners this month—don’t lose out.

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A young mans Ramadan Du’aa List

❝I know a young man who every Ramaḍān lists the things that he wants to ask Allāh for and he hopes to see realised. Then he prays for them at all those times that prayers are likely to be answered (during fuṭūr, in Qiyām, in sujūd…)

He says, “The next Ramaḍān doesn’t come except that Allāh has answered a whole set of my duʿās.”

Over the years much of his hopes and dreams were realised in this way and many of his worries were relieved and Allāh answered a lot of his duʿās.

He says, “In these last few years, I’ve started to take a different approach in duʿāʾ; so I thank Allāh for all that He is given me and realised for me and I continue to pray for the things that I still need.”❞

-— Sheikh Sulṭān al-ʿUmairī

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Abundance For 4 Habits In Ramadan

Abundance For 4 Habits In Ramadan

Shaykh Uthaymeen [رحمه الله] said:

❝Focus on asking Allaah in abundance for four habits in Ramadan, two which are pleasing to Allaah and two which are a necessity.

As for the two which are pleasing to your Lord:

• The first is the Shahada, La ilaha ilallaah

• The second is seeking repentance

As for the two which are a necessity, they are asking Allaah for Paradise and seeking refuge in Allaah from the fire.

Make sure that you focus on supplications.❞

[Ad-Diyya Al-Laamih, (Page: 362) | Translated By Umm Yahya]


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Sandal Strap to Jannah: Six Step Guide to Powerful Dua

• Sandal Strap to Jannah: Six Step Guide to Powerful Dua •
Sh. Muhammad al Shareef

Step one: Believe
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “You should ask Allah for all of your needs, even if the strap of your sandal breaks” (Tirmidhi).

Step Two: Get Inspired
As adults, sometimes we forget to ask for the simple things. But Allah wants you to turn to Him for all your needs, great and small.

Step Three: Select Your Dreams
Do you only turn to Allah in dua and reflection in painful moments? If you only make duas based on situations of pain, one of the two scenarios can happen: If Allah wishes good for you, He will continue giving you pain so that you may turn to Him. Otherwise, He will grant you blessings and you will get lost in heedlessness. Let your dua be proactive and not reactive! “Remember Allah during times of ease and He will remember you during times of difficulty.” (Tirmidhi)

Step Four: Internalize & Memorize your Duas

Step Five: Start the Dua Habit
If you’re not seeing results in your life, don’t lower your standards, raise your dua!

Step Six: Revise & Renew Allah always responds to dua, but it can be in one of the three ways:

  1. Yes
  2. Not yet
  3. I have something better for you

“When my servants ask you concerning me, I am indeed close , I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on me”
(Al- Baqarah:186)

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Powerful & Beautiful explanation of the famous duaa 

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Allah has Hidden Laylat ul Qadr

“Allāh has hidden Laylat-ul-Qadr from His slaves as a mercy for them so that they may seek it while increasing in good deeds by their prayer, Dhikr, Du’ā and getting closer to the Lord and Allāh has hidden this night so that it may become clear who strives diligently in seeking it as opposed to the one who has taken it lightly out of laziness.”Sh. Ibn al-‘Uthaymeen Raḥimahullāh [مجالس شهر رمضان]

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Illness in Ramadan 

The Scholars have stated that when a person falls ill towards the very end of Ramadan, it is a mercy from Allah for the person to be purified and to exit Ramadan being completely purified. When Allah wants His slave to reach a certain level in paradise He tests him with his family, health and/or wealth until he reaches that point in paradise (the point he could not reach through his own actions). —• Ali Abu Usama

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Combining all types of patience 

Fasting is patience in obeying Allah, patience in keeping away from the things forbidden by Allah, and patience in bearing the decree of Allah, hunger, thirst, physical and mental weakness. So it combines all three types of patience, thus the fasting person deserves to be counted as one of the patient, and Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning” [al-Zumar 39:10]
Source: “Majaalis Shahr Ramadaan” of Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen, p. 13

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Golden words: The Departure of Ramadan

“O Servants of Allah! Ramadan is set to move on, and only a little of it remains. If anyone has done well during the month thus far, it is incumbent on him to complete the month in a good fashion. While anyone who has fallen short let him finish in good shape. Only a few days and nights remain, so bid it farewell with righteous actions that will testify for you before the All-Knowing King.
The hearts of the righteous people are filled with longing, lamenting from the pain of departure. How can a believer not shed tears upon its [Ramadan] departure when he does not know if he will live to see it again? O Ramadan! Be gentle, the tears of your lovers are pouring out. Their hearts are torn from the pain of your departure. Perhaps standing to bid you farewell will extinguish the burning fire of longing. Perhaps taking a moment to repent will mend everything that has been torn in fast. Perhaps one cut off from the procession of those whose fast has been accepted will be joined with them. Perhaps the one imprisoned by his sins will be freed. Perhaps one deserving to be punished in Hell will be liberated. Perhaps the mercy of the Lord will be granted to the sinner.”
[Lataif Al Ma’arif of Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali, Pg 216]

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All nighters! 

“Qiyam al-Layl the entire night from ʿIsha’ to Fajr is against the sunnah except in Ramadan,

for the sunnah is to stay awake in the night for the one capable.

And sleeping during the day is better than sleeping at night during Ramadan specifically for the worshipper. “~ Shaykh Abdul Azeez Al Tarefe

For those whom are working/studying/ or have children to take care; or any other form of commitment perhaps it may not be feasible to stay awake during the nights of Ramadhan; but those of us who are able, should definitely try.

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