“Woe to you!” {AMAZING REMINDER!}

Reminder to myself first and foremost and then to my respected brothers and beloved sisters inshaAllah.

‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

“O, you perpetrator of sin! Do not feel safe from the end result of it, when what follows the sin is greater than the sin which you committed, for to feel little or no embarrassment towards those on the right and the left of you when you committed the sin is greater than the sin which you committed. Your laughter, when you know not what Allah will do to you is greater than the sin. Your happiness with the sin if you succeeded in doing it is greater than the sin, and your unhappiness at being unable to commit the sin is greater than the sin if you had succeeded in committing it. Your fear of the wind if it moved the curtain covering your door while you were committing the sin and your heart is not disturbed by Allah seeing you is greater than the sin which you committed. Woe to you!

Do you know what was the sin of Ayyub (peace be upon him) and why Allah, the Most High tested him in his body and by the loss of his wealth? The sin of Ayyub was only that a poor man sought his help in alleviating injustice that had befallen him, but he did not help him and he did not enjoin the good or forbid the oppressor from commiting injustice against this poor man and so Allah, the all Mighty, the all Powerful put him to trial.”

[Hilyat ul Awliyaa’]


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7 responses to ““Woe to you!” {AMAZING REMINDER!}

  1. istiqaamah

    SubhanAllah, I remember reading this three years ago, I’d always keep it as my away message in AIM so people would benefit.. may Allah help me benefit from it 😦


  2. CCC

    This explain ‘worse then the sin itself’ https://istighfar.wordpress.com/2008/03/15/worse-than-the-sin-itself/

    in abit more detail…

    Im in love with the topic of Omar (ra)
    Your in love with the topic of Sins…
    The more we learn about Omar (ra), the closer we get to him…
    The more we learn about sin..the further we get from them…


  3. sayyidoon


    O Allaah make us of them.


    Jazaakumullaahu Kheira


  4. CCC

    Ibn Masud, (ra) said:
    We continued to become mighty after the acceptance of Islam by Omar
    [asSayuti’s ‘al-Khlafa’ ar-Rashidun’ ]


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  6. Anas

    And how do we know what his sin was? Or if indeed it was for a sin? Perhaps, it was a cause of him gaining greater ranks in Jannah. Is the story of his sin taken from the Israeli stories?


  7. Who exactly are you referring to in the above questions when you say ‘his sins’, ‘him gaining entry’ and so forth?


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