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Allah Will Not Expose You 

لاتتردد في العوده الى الله

مهما لوثتك الخطايا والذنوب

فالذي سترك وانت تحت سقف المعصيه

لن يفضحك تحت جناح التوبه

Do not hesitate about returning to Allah

Despite your mistakes and no matter how sinful you might be

For if He covered (protected) you under the roof of sin

He will not expose you under the wing of repentance.


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To gain the utmost from the Qur`an

اللّهم ارْزقنَا حفظَ الْقُرآن ، وبَركة الْقُرآن ، وسَكينة الْقُرآن ونُور الْقُرآن ، وَشِفَاء الْقُرآن ، وهِداية الْقُرآن ، وشفَاعة الْقُرآن

O Allah grant us the ability to memorise the Qur`an, the blessing of the Qur`an, the tranquility of the Qur`an, the light of the Qur`an, the healing of the Qur`an, the guidance of the Qur`an and the intercession of the Qur`an.



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if you had one day left

لو قيل لك لم يبق من عمرك إلا يوم ، ما كنت صانعا ؟

Q: If you had one day remaining in your life, what would you do?

كنتُ أعلمُ الناس

Imam Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak: I would teach people.

Source: al-Madkhal by Imam al-Bayhaqee (380)

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The Way Allahs Decree Protects Us…

قال قتادة

قد فرح به أبواه حين ولد وحزنا عليه حين قتل ولو بقي لكان فيه هلاكهما فليرض امرؤ بقضاء الله فإن قضاء الله للمؤمن فيما يكره خير له من قضائه فيما يحب.

Qatadah said regarding the child al-Khidr killed:20120506-011601.jpg

“His parents rejoiced when he was born and grieved for him when he was killed.

If he had stayed alive, he would have been the cause of their doom.

So let a man be content with the decree of Allah, for the decree of Allah for the believer, if he dislikes it, is better for him than if He were to decree something that he likes for him.”

    Tafseer al Quran al Kareem ibn Katheer
تفسير القرآن الكريم ابن كثير ١٨:٨٠

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Wipe Away The Sadness


لا يؤخر الله أمراً، إلا لخير؛
Allah does not delay a matter except for good
ولايحرمك أمراً .. إلا لخير،
He does not deprive you of a thing except for good
ولا يبكيك اليوم، إلا لخير؛
and He does not make you cry except for good
ولا ينزل عليك بلاء .. إلا لخير،
He does not send a calamity upon you, except for good
لذا لاتحزن، فكل الأمور خير
So do not be sad,every matter has good

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The Door WILL Open.


Be serious in your supplications, for indeed, whoever keeps knocking on the door will have it opened for him.


Shared by our dear sis Fajr

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If Only You Knew

لوتعلمون كيف يدبر اموركم لذابت قلوبكم من محبته
If you knew how Allah manages your affairs, your heart would melt out of love for him


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