How our Deeds are Weighed

waves_crashing_on_rocks-t2Q: A Muslim man peforms an action that causes a palace to be built for him in Paradise, and that a tree is planted in Paradise with his name on it, etc. Then, he performs sins that make Hell obligatory for him. So, if he enters Hell, how can it be that he is supposed to be in Paradise while he is in Hell?

A: If he repents from his sins in a sincere way, Allah will forgive him, and will not prevent him from what He has Promised him. Rather, He will give this to him.

If he doesn’t repent, his good deeds will be weighed against his bad deeds. If they are heavier than his bad deeds, he will receive the reward. If his bad deeds outweigh his good deeds, he will receive the punishment, and whatever was prepared for him of reward will be nullified due to his sins that outweighed his good deeds. Likewise, if he performs bad deeds that make him deserving of Hell, and followed them up with good actions, his bad deeds will be wiped away.

And Allah Knows best.

[Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah in ‘Majmu’ al-Fatawa’; 4/160] (Translation by Tarek Mehanna – may Allah keep him steadfast and hasten his release ameen)

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All nighters! 

“Qiyam al-Layl the entire night from ʿIsha’ to Fajr is against the sunnah except in Ramadan,

for the sunnah is to stay awake in the night for the one capable.

And sleeping during the day is better than sleeping at night during Ramadan specifically for the worshipper. “~ Shaykh Abdul Azeez Al Tarefe

For those whom are working/studying/ or have children to take care; or any other form of commitment perhaps it may not be feasible to stay awake during the nights of Ramadhan; but those of us who are able, should definitely try.

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The Ramadhan Race {Powerful reminder}

A powerful short clip reminding us of the necessity of pushing ourselves to do good in Ramadhan and racing to attain the virtues of this blessed month _~ By shaykh Omar El Banna 

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“There is one time he speaks… “

2386091863_f402b7a93eI walked up the stairs along with my daughter Nour in the poorly lit corridor. I entered the room shyly and in broken Arabic greeted all the sisters in the room. A family in this Syrian village had invited me for dinner and I looked forward to such invites. Not only because I finally got to eat well-prepared food but also because I met new sisters in such gatherings. Some of these sisters and their stories in this war-ravaged country astonished me, and some ingrained themselves in me, forever changing me.

After we had eaten, a sister brought in a frail man and gently sat him against the cushions on the wall. I was struck by the noor emanating from the sister’s face. I stared at her in wonderment of why her face lit like a bright light. The brother had a white beard humbling resting on his face and the softness of his face resembled that of a child.

She fed him soup, and he barely moving, swallowed slowly. I assumed that this must be her frail father she is taking care of, though he looked too young to be her father.

When I got home, I couldn’t forget the sister and the brother. Coincidently, I found myself at her house few weeks later as we were passing through the village. I noticed the brother again in her house. white-flower-on-black-background

“Umm Muhammad, who is he, the one you take care of?”

“He is my husband. He wasn’t always like that. In the 80’s my husband was part of Muslim Brotherhood, he was an active da’ee and a hafidh al Qu’ran. When Bashar’s father released his relentless force against the Muslims in Hama, my husband was arrested. I was left with three young children. For nearly a decade, I had no idea if he was alive or dead.

She continued.

“One day, he was home. Just like that. But he had been tortured severely, he was beaten ruthlessly, electrocuted, and made to endure all sorts of psychological torture during his time in detention. Even though a year after his release, I was blessed with a son- his health started deteriorating every year. And today, he has lost all normal function. He doesn’t remember his children, he doesn’t speak at all, and he can barely comprehend anything around him. So I feed, bathe and take care of him as a child”

I couldn’t believe how much this sister had borne. A decade without a husband, and now have lost her home, her wealth and are refugees on the border of the country. Though her husband is now finally with her, he is not her companion in the loss and pain this war has brought her family. He can’t help her or their children nor even comfort her.

white-flower-backgrounds“SubhanAllaah, sister, how did you manage all these years?”

“I chose Quran, the words of Allaah to accompany me. I read Quran every single day, each day increasing in the amount I read. I found a teacher to teach me tajweed. And subhanAllah by the time my husband was released, I had memorised the whole Quraan and had raised our three children in his absence”

She got up to head for the kitchen and prepare the afternoon meal. I heard her reciting Quraan the entire time. She brought a tray of rice and soup. After we ate, I asked her more questions about her life.

“My 16 year old was shaheed few months ago. The son that was born after my husband’s release”

She said this with a smile and you could not find misery in any corner of her eyes.

“Would you like to see what happened to him? They caught it on video” 2q1e6xc

She pulled a laptop and searched his name on Youtube. She showed me the picture she took of him on the day he went out for the protest. In the video a young masked man is seen dragging an injured man on the street. But as soon as he brings the man to safety, he is shot and falls flat on the pavement. Her son was killed saving another. As this mother watched the video of her son getting shot, she did not wince, nor tear up. Rather she smiled, as if watching the moment she was given an award.

“Does your husband understand that his son is now killed?”

“No, he has no understanding. I buried my son and sat in his grave and asked Allaah to remove all grief in my heart and He did.”

This is why this mother’s face endeared me to her. Her patience, her tawakkul in Allaah, her love for the Quraan and her struggle and sacrifice in the path of Allah was inspiring.

black-and-white-flower-background-3 “There is one time though, my husband does speak”

“Oh, when is that?”

“I recite all day, reviewing a juz or two a day. No matter where in the house, I am reciting- if I make a mistake, he speaks up and corrects it.”

I felt hair on my arms stand up in amazement of their faith. These are the sisters in war that we do not hear of. We hear of misery and pain but we rarely hear of the sisters who are backbone of resistance, who are an inspiration not just to other women but to the men in their path.

This story was shared by sister Umm Nour as a recollection from her time in Syria .


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When The Going Gets Tough

There isn’t a slave [of Allah] who is stricken by a calamity and reacts by saying,

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون، اللهم أجرني في مصيبتي واخلفني خيراً منها

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, Allahumma ajirni fi musibati wa akhlifni khairan minha”
“Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return; O Allah, reward me for my affliction and give me something better than it in exchange for it,”
except that Allah will give him reward for his affliction, and would give him something better than it in exchange.
 Dr Mohammed al Arefe.

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Major du’a request [Sister Amina Ahmed]

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I recently came across the tragic news of dear sister Amina Ahmed. I first read this extremely sad news from the facebook page of Shaykh Omar Suleiman. I have copied and pasted the words from the shaykhs facebook page.

 “This picture is of a young sister Aminah Ahmed graduating yesterday from University of Texas in Arlington. Last night she went to sleep with a headache and didn’t wake up. She had a brain aneurysm and is in a coma on life support at the ICU at Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth. Please please pray for Aminah to fully recover and make dua for her family. This is very difficult to come to terms with for them and is a reminder to all of us how quickly things can change.

May Allah cure her and return her to her full capabilities and comfort her family. ameen”

I hope you will all spare a moment to call out and beg Allah for sister Aminahs recovery .

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“My Schoolwork Is Distracting Me from Islam!”

Q: I am a student in medical school, and my delving into studying this makes me feel as if my heart is being hardened. So, what do you advise me to do, and how can I combine between studying medicine and studying the Shari’ah?

A: I differ with the brother in his saying that studying medicine leads to the hardness of the heart.  exams1

If he is referring to the time when he is studying for exams, then this can happen in any field of knowledge. This can even happen when studying Tafsir, Fiqh, Hadith, etc. However, if one is in a field such as medicine, and he witnesses the wonders of the Creation of Allah, and the secrets that Allah has placed in the human body – because of which many people have come into faith, and were drowning in disbelief when they saw and pondered over it – how much more would it be for the believer who is obliged to think and ponder? I believe that if the brother were to describe for us the anatomy of the eyeball, or the functions of the liver, the kidney, or the pancreas, we would increase in faith in Allah just as if we were to have heard some verses from the Qur’an, or some ahadith of the Messenger.

The point is that one’s faith can actually be increased by any of this, and if we are strong in such sciences and methodologies, and purify our intentions and goals when approaching them, we could go as far as to refer to such sciences as the supplementary sciences of Tawhid, just as in academic terminology, we refer to some sciences as specialty sciences, and to others as supplemental sciences. So, the true sciences of Tawhid that we teach are the basis. However, the supplemental sciences of Tawhid include medicine, anatomy, chemistry, physics, etc., since they all facilitate the contemplation over the Kingdom of Allah, and over the heavens and the Earth, and in the human soul. Allah Said: {“We shall show them Our signs in the heavens and in their own selves, so that it becomes clear to them that it is the Truth.”} [Fussilat; 53] So, it is necessary for us to make an effort to look and to ponder over the heavens, the Earth, the mountains, the animals, the plants, the water – even the colors – and the origins of the human, how the clot is formed, how the fetus is formed, how the human gains knowledge after this, among all the numerous other concepts that strengthen one’s faith.

However, if the brother is looking to what will happen after graduation, the problem in regards to medicine is in what happens after graduation, as you can work for eight hours in an environment filled with evils. You might even be unable to call to Allah as you should, as you would be constantly busy with surgeries, appointments, etc. So, we say: everyone will do what they were created for, and this Ummah was not created to all be doctors, or scholars of Fiqh, or scholars of Hadith, or preachers. Rather, Allah made a variety in this. So, this person was made to be a preacher, and it is not proper for him to distract himself and turn to something else. And this person was given knowledge of Fiqh and the Qur’an by Allah, including beautiful recitation and exceptional knowledge of the Religion, and such a person should not turn away from this and become a mechanical engineer, for example. However, for the person who was not granted other than this, we do not say to him to ignore his reality and leave what you were created for and was made easy for you, and to go to that which you are not good at. Rather, everyone should work in that which he is best at. This way, the Ummah will be complete, as we will all be doing which we are best suited for and Allah Created us for, and at the same time, we would all be calling to Allah. So, this preacher is making Da’wah from one place, and that doctor from another, and that person from another. It might even be that people who would never have been guided at the hands of the numerous students of knowledge who speak, preach, and teach in the mosques would be guided and accept Islam at the hands of the doctor. ~ Shaykh Safar al-Hawali

Translated from the original arabic by our dear brother Tarek Mehanna. May Allah ease his affairs ameen.



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