The Way Allahs Decree Protects Us…

قال قتادة

قد فرح به أبواه حين ولد وحزنا عليه حين قتل ولو بقي لكان فيه هلاكهما فليرض امرؤ بقضاء الله فإن قضاء الله للمؤمن فيما يكره خير له من قضائه فيما يحب.

Qatadah said regarding the child al-Khidr killed:20120506-011601.jpg

“His parents rejoiced when he was born and grieved for him when he was killed.

If he had stayed alive, he would have been the cause of their doom.

So let a man be content with the decree of Allah, for the decree of Allah for the believer, if he dislikes it, is better for him than if He were to decree something that he likes for him.”

    Tafseer al Quran al Kareem ibn Katheer
تفسير القرآن الكريم ابن كثير ١٨:٨٠


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