Every Calamity Is An Opportunity for Reward

The proofs regarding calamities being an expiation of sins are many, and when he is patient with them, he is rewarded for his patience.

This is because reward and recompense are only [granted] for a performed action, it being patience [in this case]. As for the calamity itself, this is from the actions of Allah, not from the actions of the slave. It is part of Allah’s repaying the slave for his sin and atoning his sin through it.

In al-Musnad, it was reported that they entered upon Abu ‘Ubayda (radiallahu anhu) during his sickness and informed him that he would be rewarded for his illness. He said, “I earn no reward or this… Rather, calamities are [a means of] forgiveness.” By that, he (may Allah be pleased with him) clarified that he would not be rewarded for the sickness itself, though it would expiate his sins.

[Majmu’ al-Fatawa: 30/361]


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4 responses to “Every Calamity Is An Opportunity for Reward

  1. sana 9091

    missed your posts!


  2. I’m hoping I can post more regularly inshallah


  3. Assalamu Alaikum ukhtil karima,

    BarakAllahu feeki for this post. May we be of those who, when hardship touches us, are blessed to display beautiful patience and may our sins be expiated by way of it.

    Mabrook ukhtee! Last month was your 13th anniversary heh (I had to check when you first started -). Here’s to 13 more years of delving into Islamic literature and extracting numerous benefits. May you continue to benefit the people as you have done by softening their hearts with pearls of wisdom.

    May Allah increase you in all manners of khayr and grant you the best of this life and the hereafter.

    Ps: Uhibbuki fillah. I wish i could send you a card or something. Truly. I did this in Ramadan, or rather Eid – sent my friends cards and I really loved doing it and the notion of them getting snail mail (a thing of the past almost) filled me with joy. If you would be comfortable with that, you have my email inshaAllah.



  4. Wa alaykum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my dear sister!

    Arghhh, I am so embarrassed at how late this response is, but I havent been great at keeping uptodate with the blog. However, logging in and finding your comment literally made my heart smile! Jazaakillahu khayran Habibah.

    Aameen to your heartwarming adiya, may the angels say ameen to you and may Allah grant you more than what you have asked for me. aameen ya rabb.


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