Conceal your Secrets with Allah ~ 

 Every blessing has someone who envies it
proportional to its size, and many a time a person had a strong relation with Allah but then when he spoke about this blessing openly he was thus was stripped from it. Therefore, the scholars advise that one should conceal the secrets he has with Allah. (Ibn Taymiyyah)


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3 responses to “Conceal your Secrets with Allah ~ 

  1. Anonymous

    Subhan Allah!
    Some of Ibn Taymiya’s reflections really shows how deep was his understanding of the spiritual matters….
    this particular one is totally new to me!


  2. iamuslimah

    He was stripped of his strong relationship with Allah swt, or stripped of the blessing?


  3. I believe the blessing being referred to here is a strong relationship with Allah. Thus what is meant, is that he lost the blessing of having a close relationship to Allah. And Allah knows best

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