No Gift Better than Patience

~ Seeking forgiveness is among the causes for removing and reducing calamities, because calamities befall due to sins. Allah said:

“Allah seized them for their sins.” [40:21]

“We destroyed them for their sins.” [6:6]

“We could afflict them for their sins.” [7:100]

~ Most evils befall a person due to his lack of patience; if he had been patient, he wouldn’t have said what he said or did what he did.He ﷺ said, “No one is granted a gift better and more comprehensive than patience.”


~ The of Allah is not all the same in virtue, but varies according to time, place and situation. The best in the late night (before Fajr) is and the best dhikr in the morning and evening is .

~Whoever possesses the ability to aid the oppressed but holds back, Allah will hold him accountable according to the amount of oppression he was able to remove but abandoned because he is a partner in oppression, and oppression can be by abandoning just like it is by doing.  ~ Shaykh Abdul Aziz al Tarifi


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