“For your blessings will be shown to me.” (An abandoned sunnah)

Often we are reminded to recite surah al kahf on Fridays as is the sunnah. However, there are other recommended actions (sunan) to perform on Fridays (the day of Jumu`ah) which are often not emphasised as much as reciting surah Kahf. Amongst those abandoned sunan of the day of Jumu`ah are sending an abundance of blessings upon the prophet (peace be upon him). We should make it a habit to send blessings on the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon Him) continously and often, however we should especially make the effort on Fridays. It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:  IMG_2168-0

“The best of your days is Friday. On that day Adam (peace be upon him) was created; on that day he died; on that day the Trumpet will be blown and on that day all of creation will swoon. So send a great deal of blessings upon me, for your blessings will be shown to me.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, how will our blessings upon you be shown to you when you have turned to dust?” He said, “Allah has forbidden the earth to consume the bodies of the Prophets, peace be upon them.” 1

Thus, let us accustom ourselves to sending blessings upon the Prophet on Friday – the day of Jumu`ah – knowing that it will be presented to our beloved Prophet. So whether, you find yourself walking, driving, sitting, waiting for the bus/train, cooking, feeding your newborn baby or putting your toddler to sleep – whatever it may be don’t forgot to send blessings upon the Prophet – and even if you say “Allahumma salli wa sallim `ala Nabiyyina Muhammed” only once on Friday – know that you will not have only fulfilled the sunnah but you will also have the angels present your blessing to the Prophet from yourself. Keep your lips moist with Allahumma salli wa sallim `ala Nabiyyina Muhammed …

1] Narrated by Abu Dawood, 1047.


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