Allah Never Says No.

فالدعوة التى ليس فيها اعتداء يحصل بها المطلوب أو مثله ، وهذا غاية الإجابة ، فإن المطلوب بعينه قد يكون ممتنعاً أو مفسداً للداعى أو لغيره ، والداعي جاهل لايعلم ما فيه المفسدة عليه ، والرب قريب مجيب وهو أرحم بعباده من الوالدة بولدها ، والكريم الرحيم إذا سئل شيئاً بعينه وعلم أنه لا يصلح للعبد إعطاؤه : أعطاه نظيره ، كما يصنع الوالد بولده إذا طلب منه ما ليس له ، فإنه يعطيه من ماله نظيره ، ولله المثل الأعلى .

” مجموع الفتاوى “

The du’aa’ in which there is no transgression will be answered, or else the person will be given something equal to it.

This is the best response. For the thing that he asked for may be unattainable or may be harmful to the person who prayed or to someone else, but he is ignorant and unaware of the harmful elements in it.

But the Lord is Close and Ever-Responsive, and He is more compassionate towards His slaves than a mother towards her child.

And He is the Most Generous, Most Merciful: if He is asked for a specific thing and He knows that giving it is not in the best interests of His slave, He will give him something of equal value, as a father does for his child when he asks him for something that is not good for him, so he gives him something of equal worth, and for Allah is the highest description. 

Majmu’ al-Fatawa, 14/368.


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