You, like Prophet Musa, Must Throw the Staff!

 Where are you and I placing our hope? I ask you: from where does success come?

Musa (alayhis salam) was once trapped. He had a Pharoah behind him and the Red Sea in front of him. He was stuck. Or so his people thought. Allah tells us:

فَلَمَّا تَرَاءَى الْجَمْعَانِ قَالَ أَصْحَابُ مُوسَىٰ إِنَّا لَمُدْرَكُونَ

“And when the two bodies saw each other, the people of Moses said: “We will surely be overtaken.” (Quran 26:61)

They doubted. They feared. They lost hope. But what made them doubt? What made them fear? What made them lose hope? The reason for their doubt, their fear and their loss of hope, was because they only saw the Pharoah and the Red Sea.

They did not see Allah. They did not see Allah behind the Pharoah and the apparent failure and blockade in front of them.

But Musa (AS) did. Musa (AS) saw through all the blockades, all the apparent failures, all the hopeless situations—all the illusions of the asbab. And so, while the people around him doubted, feared and lost hope, Musa (AS) replied:

قَالَ كَلَّا ۖ إِنَّ مَعِيَ رَبِّي سَيَهْدِينِ

[Moses] said, “By No means! Indeed my Lord is with me, He will guide me through.” (26:62)

You see, Allah had trained Musa (AS) before this, to never depend on the means. In His very first meeting with Musa (AS), Allah commanded him to throw his staff.

Musa was asked, “Ma tilka bi yaminika ya Musa?” “What is in your right hand, oh Musa.

And so Musa replied, “It is my staff, I lean on it…” (Quran 20:18) Musa was leaning on the asbab, so Allah commanded him: “Throw it, ya Musa” (Quran 20:19) He was depending on his staff, so Allah told him to throw it.

Brothers and sisters, we need to throw our dependencies on who takes office and who doesn’t, who gets worldly justice in court and who doesn’t. We need to throw our dependencies on the asbab. Realize that is very different then throwing the asbab, completely. Nakhuth bil asbaab, wa lakin lan tatawakal alal asbab: We still take part in the asbab, but never, ever depend on it.

Like Musa (AS) we need to throw the staff.

And once you do that, what happens? Allah—not the staff, not the asbab—ALLAH, opens up the Red Sea for you!

Written by our noble sister Yasmin Mogahed

Full article available here



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2 responses to “You, like Prophet Musa, Must Throw the Staff!

  1. Anonymous

    May Allah bless you both Yasmin and the one who shared this. Forgive you
    And grant you kingdom that belongs to none after you

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  2. Ameen and may Allah shower you with His blessings Ameen ya rabb


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