Even If It Is Painful

فقضاؤه لعبده المؤمن عطاء وإن كان في صورة المنع

ونعمة وإن كان في صورة محنة ،

وبلاؤه عافية وإن كان في صورة بلية

Whatever Allah has decreed for His believing slave is a blessing even if that is in the form of withholding;

it is a favour even if that is in the form of a trial,

and the calamity decreed by him is fair even if it is painful.

Madarij al-Salikeen, 4/215.


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5 responses to “Even If It Is Painful

  1. Ummuiman

    Subhanallah! Just a heart soother that I needed. Thank you. May Allah bless you always.


  2. fulaan

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    Yes, I agree, a person is tested in accordance with their level of eemaan. The greater their level of eemaan, the greater their trial.

    Jazaaki Allaahu khayr


  3. Fairuz

    Simple, and beautiful. 🙂

    Thank you for this. I just found your blog, when i search for bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem! 😀

    Jazakallahu khayran. Assalamu’alaikum.


  4. Haleema

    Salaam. This actually helps to sooth the heart. When a ‘calamity’ befalls us,we sumtimes forget that it was decreed to happen. Jazakallahu khairan for this wonderful contribution.


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