Certainty ~

Ibn Mas’ud radiyallahu ‘anhu once said, “The believer will not attain comfort until he meets Allah.”

“O son of Adam! Your mother gave birth to you while you were weeping, while those around you were laughing in joy.Work for the day, the day you die,  that you may be laughing in joy then, while they will be weeping for you.” (Poetry)

Thaabit al Bunaani rahimahullah once said: “Tuba (a tree in Paradise) for he who remembers the hour of death, and verily, if a slave remembers death often, then the effect of this remembrance will appear in his actions.”

Hasan Al Basri rahimahullah stated, “The soul of the son of Adam will depart this life with three sorrows: for not having his fill, for not reaching what he hoped for and for not preparing well for what he is going to face.”

He also said, “I have never seen a certainty closer to being doubted than people versus death. They are certain it will strike them, yet, they ignore its imminence. I have never seen truth that is closer to falsehood than that demonstrated by their statement, ‘We seek Paradise’ yet, they ignore seeking its path.”

Ammar bin Yasir radiyallahu ‘anhu said, “Death is enough as a reminder, certainty is enough as wealth and performing acts of worship is sufficient as a job.”

Silah bin Ashyam rahimahullah once said, “Let death be your slogan, for this way, you will not care if you reached the morning while weathly or having difficulty in this life.”

Haarith bin Idrees rahimahullaah said, “I said to Daawood At-Taa’i, ‘Advise me’, and he said, ‘Know that soldiers of death are in wait for you.'”

Abu Dardaa radiyallahu ‘anhu said, “I like poverty, in modesty to my Lord; I like death, in anticipation to my Lord; and I like illness, as an eraser for my sins.”

Mutarrif bin Abdullah said, “Death has spoiled the life of those who indulge in delight, so seek a delight (in Paradise) that does not end by death.”

Utbah was once given an advice: “Remember death often, for if you had abundant wealth, it will make it seem little, and if you have little wealth, it will make it seem substantial.”

Ar-Rabee’ bin Khuthaim said, “Remember that (death) which you have never tasted before and will only taste once”

The Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhe wa sallam was reported to have said:

“Every person who dies will feel sorry. If the deceased was a good-doer, he will be sorry that he did not perfom more good, and if he was an evil-doer, he will feel sorry he did not desist evil.”

Hasan al Basri rahimahullah wept when he was dying and said, “A weak soul, but a tremendous calamity to come. Certainly, we are all for Allah and to Him shall be our return.”‘

Ibn ‘Abbas radiyallahu ‘anhumaa narrated that ‘Umar radiyallahu ‘anhu came to the Messenger of Allaah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, who was reclining on a woven mat that left its marks on his side. ‘Umar said, ‘Why not get a more comfortable mat that this one, O Allah’s Prophet?’ The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam said,

“What do I have to do with this life? Verily, my example in this life is the example of a traveler who went on a journey during a summer day, took shelter under a tree during a part of a day, then went on and left it.”

Abu Haazim said, “Trade of the Hereafter is not sought after, and whatever is left of it, is about to finish! As a result, no part of it, minor or major will remain. Moreover, if one is prevented from doing good actions, all what he has left is sorrow and grief for this loss, wishing he could go back to a condition that allows him to work good deeds but wishing that will not avail him.”

Once, Hasan al Basri rahimahullah passed by a man who was laughing and asked him, “O my nephew! Have you safely passed over the siraat? He said, ‘No’. Hasan al Basri asked, ‘Have you received news that you will end up in Paradise or Hell?’ He said, ‘No’. Hasan al Basri asked him, ‘Why do you laugh then, may Allah save you, while the matter ahead is horrifying?’ That man was never seen laughing until he died.”

‘Umar radiyallahu ‘anhu used to say repeatedly, “Remember the fire often, for its heat is intense, its bottom is far down and its bars (of torment) are made of iron.”

Salamah bin Dinaar said, “Abandon every matter because of which you hate to meet death, for this way, it will not make a difference to you if you die anytime.”

Abu Darda radiyallahu ‘anhu said, “When you remember the dead, consider yourself one of them.”

Caliph Al Muntasir said at the time of death, when he was wished well, “All will happen except being well! Life has gone away and the Hereafter has come.”

‘Umar bin Abdul ‘Azeez rahimahullah used to say, “If remembrance of death departed from my heart for an hour, my heart would be corrupted.”

How can we feel safe when Al-Faaruq, ‘Umar radiyallahu ‘anhu said, “If I have the earth’s fill of gold and silver, I would ransom myself with it. How can I feel safe knowing the horror that is still to come and before knowing the true news (about my final destination)?” Also, after ‘Umar was stabbed, he asked his son to place his cheek on the ground and he did. ‘Umar radiyallahu ‘anhu wept until some mud stuck to his eyes. He was weeping and saying, “Woe to me, and woe to my mother, if my Lord did not bestow His mercy on me.”

‘Umar bin Abdul ‘Azeez said, “If it was not for fear that it might be an innovation in the religion, I would have vowed not to feel happy for anything in this life, until I see how the faces of the messengers of my Lord will look like upon death. Also, I would not like that death is made easy for me, for it is the last stance for which the believer receives reward.”

Zainab bint Jahsh radiyallahu ‘anhumaa said when she was dying, “I have prepared my own shroud, so if ‘Umar sent another shroud for me, give away one of them!”

Mutarrif bin Abdullah said, “If I knew when my life would end, I fear that I would lose my mind. Allah has granted His slaves the favour of forgetting death, otherwise, they would not enjoy life or erect marketplaces.”

Lahdhat Saakinah’ by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim


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2 responses to “Certainty ~

  1. fulaan

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    This is a very beneficial reminder sister.
    I like this one best:

    Ibn Mas’ud radiyallahu ‘anhu once said, “The believer will not attain comfort until he meets Allah.”

    May Allaah reward immensely you for your efforts.

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah.


  2. Glad to know you found it of benefit.

    May Allah grant you the pleasure of seeing His face. aameen

    was salamu`alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh


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