But It Is A Wonder That He Says…

Once a pious man was asked, “Teach me how to love Allah” to which he said “loving Allah is not bought by  teaching”.

There is a Qur`anic verse in which Allah says, “Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they wil love Him”, it is not a wonder that He says, “They will love Him”, but it is a wonder that He says “Whom He will love”.

Ibn al Qayyims “al Fawaa`id”


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One response to “But It Is A Wonder That He Says…

  1. bani israel

    Ramadhan: Why fasting was made Obligatory?

    Every deed of man gets some increment or other from God. One good deed flourishes ten times to seven hundred times. But Allah says: fasting is exempt from this. It is exclusively for Me and I give reward for it as much as I want”.

    From this Hadith we come to know that all deeds flourish both in proportion to the motive of the doer of the good deed as well as its results, but there is a limit to their development. In the case of fasting, however, progress is unbounded. Ramadhan is a season for the flourishing of goodness and piety, and in this season not one but lakhs and crores of persons – jointly water this garden of virtue, the compass can expand immeasurably.
    The more you perform well-motivated deeds in this month, the greater will you avail yourselves of its blessings, and radiate their benefits to your other brothers; and if you maintain the effects of this month at a high pitch during the subsequent eleven months, to that extent this garden will flourish, and thus developing process will go on infinitely. It will be your own fault if you circumscribe it by your own lack of action.

    Where are the results of lbadat now ?

    On hearing the above results of fasting the question will arise in the mind of everyone of you that where arc these results to be found today ?

    “We observe fasting and offer prayers but the results you describe are not visible”.

    Q:Where are the results of lbadat now ?


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