If Only We Knew the Power of Our Parents Du`aa


There was once a young man who would spend all his time playing in amusement centres. He had a righteous father whom would often advise him and warn him from taking the wrong path and following bad company.  However, the more the father would advise his son, the more disobedient and cruel his son became. One day, he insisted on his advise to his son, but was shocked when his son hit him on the face. The father swore that he would go to the Ka`bah and ask Allah to avenge him.  Thus, the father went to the Ka`bah and supplicated saying  ‘ O Allah! People come  from all over the world to visit your house, I have come to you to answer my prayers; my son is disobedient to me and I ask You to take my revenge on him. I ask you Lord to paralyze his body, You are the majesty, You beget not, nor are you begotten.’

No sooner had he finished his appeal to Allah than the right side of his son’s body became paralyzed.

Shaykh `Abdul Aziz as-Salmaan ‘Mawaarid adh-Dham`aan’

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One response to “If Only We Knew the Power of Our Parents Du`aa

  1. nisha

    allah you great.. there is no word to tell.


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