Thorns That Emerge From Following Desires

“Having patience in restraining oneself from desires is easier than having patience upon what the desire itself entails, because it:

• Either necessitates pain and punishment, or it cuts off a delight that would have been greater than it.

• Or it will waste much of ones time, whose wastage is only a means of sorrow and regret, or it causes a breach in ones honour, such honour whose rise and continuation would have been more beneficial than its defilement.

• Or it causes the loss of wealth, which if it remained would have been better than its loss, or it causes the loss of ones value and authority, such that its having been upheld would have been better than its absense.

• Or it causes one to become deprived of a blessing, a blessing whose having been accomplished and reached would have been more joyful and pleasant than the fulfilment of the desire.

• Or it opens upon you an approach, such that was not found before , or that it brings about distress, and sorrow, and grief, and fear, such that it outweighs the pleasure of the desire itself.

• Or it causes the loss of knowledge, whose remembrance would have been more delightful than to earn the desire.

• Or that you cause and enemy of yours to rejoice at your misfortune – and cause a close friend sorrow,

• Or that you sever from yourself the opening of an imminent blessing, or that you bring about a deficiency – such that you become marked with it – a mark irremovable.

For indeed actions leave behind attributes and characteristics. “

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim in al-Fawaa`id


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24 responses to “Thorns That Emerge From Following Desires

  1. norah

    assalamu alykum

    We need to read more like this to keep us strong. maashallah
    I am happy that you post this for us.


  2. Marwa

    Ma Shaa Allah, jazakum Allaho khairan for this wonderful post. It is so hard to find English language material on the true matters of al-iman.
    Is it alright with you sister if I copy this article and post it on my forum In Shaa Allah?


  3. Please feel free to use anything from the blog.


  4. Marwa

    Ukhti, jazaki Allaho khairan for your generosity. As-salamu aleikom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu


  5. wa alaykum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh;

    I apologise, I had to edit your comment, will reply to you via email inshaAllah (When I can…)


  6. Allah yardha `ank sis, jazakillahu khayran 🙂


  7. norah

    Assalamu alaykum Ukhti
    maash’ Allah this is great work. I truly admire your site.

    fi amman Allah


  8. Assalaamu Aleykum..

    mashallaah great article barakAllaahu feeki habibti iv missed u.. hope everythings all good around u..

    guess who got internet again 😀 now we can keep in touch inshallaah

    love ya

    Umm Khuzaymah


  9. ‘alaykum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Wa feeki barakallah…

    O… guess who has been without internet since like November?!

    may He for whoms sake you love me , love you –

    Please remember me when you ask from Allah…


  10. SubhaanAllaah. May Allah ta’ala have mercy upon Ibn Al Qayyim; his eloquent reminders pierce the heart.

    JazaakiAllaahu khayr ukhtee.

    Wa Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu


  11. Asalamu alaikum

    Great reminder

    ma salama


  12. Strvng4Jannah

    As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    Thank you so much for posting this. It sincerely helped me today. May Allah have mercy on us all-Ameen.


  13. History of Al Andalus

    As salaamu ‘aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

    Forgive me for a comment not related to the post. There is an excellent new blog dedicated to a book called: *An Incomplete History: The Muslims of Spain Post 1492 in a Global Context and its Relevance to Muslims Today*

    The situation of the Muslims living in the West today poses a striking similarity to the situation of the Muslims in Al- Andalus post 1492 (when the last Muslim ruler surrendered the last Muslim stronghold of Granada to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella). This marked the official end to Islamic rule in Al- Andalus. However, this did not mean all the Muslims left Al Andalus in one go.

    Muslims lived in Andalus for at least two hundred years after the fall (1492). Their lives were not easy. In many cases they were forced to give up their identities, could not practice Islam in public, they were not allowed to speak Arabic (and therefore could not pray in congregation) or even give their children Muslim names! So what began as tolerance for the practice of Islam in Al- Andalus and allowing for their affairs to be judged under Shari’ah courts (Capitulations of Granada) slowly but surely led to the persecution of the Muslims of Al-Andalus until no trace of Muslims in Andalus were to be found.


  14. Knights WithOut Horses

    SubhaanAllaah ukhtee. What a beautiful reminder…jazaaki Allahu khayran!


  15. Knights WithOut Horses

    Sis, btw i wanted to ask how do you write on the window bar…e.g. yours says: Bismillaah ar-rahman ar-raheem. insha-Allah, you can reply soon! Allah ya baarak feeki.


  16. Go to ‘dashboard’ then ‘settings’, then ‘general’ and then ‘blog title’ inshaAllah.


  17. Knights WithOut Horses

    jazaakiAllahu khayran ukhtee. But, I noticed that actually goes on top of the custom header, which i don’t want it to happen. Is there any other way?

    Sorry for the ques, sis. You can delete the comments later, insha-Allah.


  18. Please do not feel the need to apologise, you’re most welcome to ask any questions inshaAllah – it’s really no problem.

    I think you have a different theme which is why the custom header is appearing like that. My theme is pressrow.


  19. ad-Dunya sinjul Mu'min

    baarakAllahu feeki sis…

    Yes, you are right. My theme was Kubrick and it didn’t work with that. Thanks again!


  20. Aisha

    Ukhti, masha’Allah these types of posts are most helpful. I see that you said we can take anything from your blog to post on other sites. Would you like to know the sites that we post them on? Aisha.


  21. ad-Dunya sinjul Mu'min

    as-Salaamu ‘alaykum sis,

    I’m wondering how you put those other tabs next to the home page? i.e. 100 authentic sunan, etc.

    jazaaki Allaahu khayran ukhtee. Appreciate your help!


  22. as salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Aisha: It doesn’t particularly bother me.

    ad Dunya Sijnul mu’min: Go to pages and then add new. Wa iyyak. You’re most welcome.


  23. shakiul

    wow, precisely accurate, shaykh ibn qaiyum is a master of the heart


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