Good Deeds Versus Bad Deeds…


Ibn `Abbas [may Allah be pleased with him] said


‘Indeed good actions are a light in the heart,

a strengthening for the body,

a glow on the face,

a cause for extensive provisions and

love in the hearts of the creation.


Indeed bad actions are a darkness in the heart,

a blackness on the face,

a weakness for the body,

a cause for decrease in provisions and

hatred in the hearts of the creation.


as mentioned by ibn al-Qayyim [rahimahullah] in al Jawab al Kafi.



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4 responses to “Good Deeds Versus Bad Deeds…

  1. muslimah

    Jazakallahu kheyr.
    luv ur blog ,keep up the good work.


  2. Assalamualaikum…!

    Hope u,ur life to be fine n shine inshallah.

    I would like to remind u of HER who has ruined so many in past,many today,n will be ruining many more in future.

    SHE is………never follow HER.Inform others too about HER.Take pain to log on to my blog to watch/read her story. and inform me ur feelings if u can.


  3. istiqaamah

    love the new header habibti


  4. Jazaki Allahu khayran.


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