Worse than the Sin itself!

“The happiness one feels with their sin is worse in the sight of Allah than the sin itself.”

Ibn al-Qayyim in Madarij as-Salikeen



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2 responses to “Worse than the Sin itself!

  1. sayyidoon

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    For the one who sins while regretting may have a chance to come of it, but the one who feels happy is a man whose soul is dark and devoid of any goodness, and whose chance to come out of it almost impossible.

    The one who is happy with his sin is ‘near’ to see it permissible, thus close to kufr,

    The one who is happy with the sin would have no shame to commit it over and over again,

    So how true is what Ibn Qayyim RH said!


  2. CCC

    Yeah…because to an extent, it was expected for you to sin
    […Every son of Adem (ra) is a sinner…{Hadith} ]

    But you being happy with the sin is not expected…

    “He who tastes the Bitterness of Sin…
    Will taste the Sweetness of Imaan…”

    (hmmm wonder who also taught me the above… =P )


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