If Words Could Kill.

Every night I think of my dad and I cry in a very low voice so that my mother doesnt hear, and I dream that he is coming home and gives me a big, big hug.
Anas son of Guantanamo detainee Jamil El Banna

They urinated over it (the Qur’an), they ripped it; they cut it with scissors in front of us. They defecated on it and painted our faces with it. Yes, all this should be said so that the Muslim world understands the degree of hate this sacred Book inspires in them.
Mohammed Mazouz, Moroccan releasee, speaking about the US mistreatment of the Qur’an in Guantanamo

Why are they doing this to us? What am I supposed to tell my children, who at every phone ring, every door bell, ask’ Is this our father’?
Nadja Dizdarevic, wife of Bosnian detainee at Guantanamo, Boudella al-Hajj

Every day her grandfather gives the youngest money and she goes to buy something for her father, but in the end she had to eat it as he is not there
Brother of Saeed Ahmed al-Sarim who is being held in Guantلnamo Bay

They ordered me to thank Jesus that Im alive
Al-Sheik, Iraqi prisoner from Abu Ghraib

When you die, you die in a second but in that prison, you died a hundred times every day
Ali Kashmar, former detainee at Khiam prison, Israel

They stole 14 months of my life… they were interrogating me everyday and in the first three or four days giving just a little food, and giving punishment.
15-year old Afghan, one of three children recently released from Guantanamo

Since the beginning of these events my children and my wife have not been able to sleep. My wife cries every night
Bilal Khazal, detained in Australia under Anti-Terrorism laws

They did everything to us – they tortured our bodies, they tortured our minds, they tortured our ideas and our religion.
Mohammed Khan, ex-Guantanamo detainee, released 16-03-04

The children are always saying is my father coming home tomorrow? The youngest child waits every day by the door, saying her father is coming right now, but he never does come.
Brother of Saeed Ahmed al-Sarim who is being held in Guantلnamo Bay

Why is it that non Muslims are eager to listen and help get justice for my son and the other captives but the Muslims seem to stay away? I gave out 5 000 flyers in a door-to-door campaign in predominantly Muslim areas, all the shops and mosques had posters in them. Yet when we have a public meeting the only faces I see are non-Muslims. Father of Ruhal Ahmad, former Guantanamo detainee

My life is finished. Ill never, ever be the same
Imane, wife of Masaud Khan, sentenced to life in prison in the US

you arrest them, you never question them, and you lock them up and dont tell them what the evidence is against them, and tell them its potentially for ever. In the context of p*sychological warfare, its hard to see any government constructing a better set of circumstances designed to drive someone to madness
Gareth Peirce, leading civil liberties lawyer for the Belmarsh and Guantanamo detainees

“It is a nightmare to me that I did not even know Abdullah had died until I was released.”
Hussain Yousuf Mustafa, ex-Guantanamo detainee, speaking about his son.

I am not a terrorist, but I am a member of a group: five kids and a wife.
Detainee A, former prisoner in HMP Woodhill




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3 responses to “If Words Could Kill.

  1. Assalamuaalikum yagfirullahi lana walakum.

    The situation of our muslim brothers n sisters in these jails seems to be more or less similar to that of our prophets time.Allah tala tested their emaan by severe trials and tribualtions and so is being repeated now is what i think.I and everyones of us need to support them in whatever means we can,Inshallah i will support them with the most powerful weapon of a muslim “Dua” .We need to do it feverently .May Allah firm their emaan in their heart n have abundant mercy on them and forgive them with his infinite mercy and make their family members steadfast on Islam no matter whatever the consequences befalls them.


  2. mahad

    asalamu alykum
    this is only a test from allah azawajal and may allah keep the muslims firm and steadfastness on their faith , the enemies of islam will pay a heavy price insha allah on the day of judgement, make no mistake that there is no injustice committed but it will be paid back on the day of ressurection by the most just, allah. we need to support our brothers in this difficult time that the ummah is facing. we need to keep on making du’a for them. this is a glorious time for the ummah despite how it may seem, it seems the whole world is turning against us, but this is a test from allah, because allah is sorting out the the pretenders from the contenders, the weak from the strong. we cannot simply proffess eeman ,allah will test us and if we show patience insha allah we will succeed. but may allah destroy the enemies of al islam, the americans first and foremost ,followed by israel and all the other enemies of this ummah. and may allah destroy those who are assisting them in helping humiliating and destroying the muslims. may allah unite this ummah and guide them to the qur’an and the sunnah ,by allah with those two things victory is imment, we are only being disgraced because we left the qur’an and the sunnah. and with success comes from allah.


  3. JazakAllah for sharing these


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