If You Have Lost Hope…

If You Have Lost Hope, Then We Say To You

Written by Shaykh Abū Muhammad Al-Maqdisī
(May Allāh hasten his release)
Safar 1417 H

Dear Brother, verily, we have not corrupted our thoughts
Regarding the Promise of the Deity, Mighty and Strong,
And shackles have not increased us, except in patience
And prisons have not increased us, except in certainty,

Nor have tortures against our Brethren
Nor the killing of the preachers, even if hundreds of them, increased us,

Other than raising the flag of our Īmān
And clearly manifesting the Tawhīd of Truth, of Religion,

We will water your seedling, with our Tawhīd
By the cutting of our veins, and the sacrificing of our blood,

We will lift your banner, with our Islām
By sacrificing our most important men, and a mighty patience,

So that it dominates, in defiance of the Tawāghīt
And that it rises and spreads throughout the Worlds,

Never will we bend away from the Jihād against the Tawāghīt
Nor will we ever deviate from the Trustworthy Path,

As long as the Clear Light of the Deity
Dominates the hearts of the Believers,

Never will we abandon the Truth, no matter what we face
Never will we become weak, never will we submit,

Never will we stray away from the Path of Confrontation
Never will we be harmed by the abandoning traitors,

We will continue on this path, regardless of the wounds
Regardless of the blood, regardless of the long-suffering,

We have an example in the men who have traversed
Upon the Path, walking upon it, they were loftier than the heights,

So here is Bilāl, marching to the Gardens
Never did he waver fearing the pagans,

And there is Suhayb, the Brother of the Muttaqīn
Selling his life for the profit of the Religion,

And Mus’ab, abandoning a life of comforts
Refusing to share a shadow with the luxurious,

Living to give victory to a Great Religion
Passing on as a martyr amongst the eternal,

Hundreds of thousands of the True Faithful
They fulfilled in perseverance, they marched on in certainty,

A party of them have fulfilled, and a party remains continuing
They have not altered, Nay! They remain determined and firm,

And we are in their steps continuing, marching
With the Help of the Deity, to assist a Religion,

What this Path is, is the Path of the defiant
And these are the milestones of a Mighty Religion,

Thus, one who truly yearns to enter into the Gardens
And covets to embraced by the Heavenly Virgin Maidens,

Certainly, the responsibilities of the Path…
Certainly, the payment of an expensive dowry…



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2 responses to “If You Have Lost Hope…

  1. assalamu 3laykom

    jazakiAllaahu khayr ya ‘umm A’

    good to see you 😀



  2. Assalamualaikum

    sooo inspiring, soo motivating,stimulating.

    May Allah make an easy way for all muslim brothers n sisters who are in prisons..a’ameen


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