To Rachid

To Rachid

The man with the face that never grows old
and a smile that shines in people’s hearts
“My heart is broken”
From the
Highlands, the lady on the phone hung up.
With muddled tongue these words were spoken.
Eyes sealed with sorrow, tears never ceased to drop.
But the pen steady, unwilling to hasten,
Waiting to record the feelings that were to spring up.

* * * * *
By the villains, the gentle soul was taken.
Indeed the deal was struck in the dark of night
Behind bars, on his own he was forgotten
For a decade, his enemies never ceased to plot
From among his brethren the innocent man was stolen.
Generous and kind – decent. He was upright.
And to everyone I ask who has met him in person,
Is he not the man described, even though much more than that?  


My brother, with your resilience I have known, unshaken
Unwavering you are about to take on your next fight.
Show them by your Lord, as it has always been proven.
Darkness only exists when there is no light.
Show them as it has so been written.
That we bow to none but the One, the Almighty.
To him our plight shall be taken.
From Him alone we shall get our right.
Surely we will never be forsaken.
It is our firm faith, a tangible fact.
A promise from early scripture bound to happen.
The righteous shall inherit the earth when the time is right.
And it is the divine law on earth as it is in heaven.
Relief is indeed so near when things seem so very tight.

* * * * *
By His mercy alone, I ask if not to this life then in the Garden of Eden.
Again, we shall meet as He Hears this prayer, I have no doubt.
O my dear brother, how a man like you could ever be forgotten,
When your face has never grown old. Like a picture it stays intact.
And certain I am, so never be mistaken.
Your smile will always shine in my heart.

A poem written by Rachid’s friend and brother detainee 1.12.05


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