and Allah returned back her sight.


Sa’d bin Ibraheem said: “Zinneerah was a roman slave and became a muslimah. The mushrikeen tortured her until she lost her sight because of the severe torture. The mushrikeen said ‘ al laat and ‘uzzah took her sight ‘”. She said, “I disbelieve in al-laat wal ‘uzzah” and Allah returned back her sight.

In another narration: “Abu Bakr radiallahu ‘anh freed Zinneerah from slavery and she lost her sight when she was freed. Quraysh said: ‘It’s only laat and ‘uzzah that took her sight’.  She said, ‘By Allah they have lied, al-laat wal ‘uzzah neither harm or benefit’, and Allah returned back her sight”

[‘Al-‘Isabah fee tamyeez as-Sahabah’, by Ibn hajar al-‘Asqalani]


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  1. sayyidoon

    Masha Allaah!


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