Al-Fattah – The One That Opens Closed Doors

Allah is al-Fattah. We need to know al-Fattah when we feel that things are impossible or too difficult because Allah (swt) necessarily invites


you to know Him by this Name in those circumstances. Al-Fattah comes from the 3-letter root f-t-h (ف-ت-ح). Some words are known by their opposites, and the opposite of fath is for something to be closed. Thus fath is to open. Al-Ghazali tells us about al-Fattah, “He is the One by Whose concern everything that is closed is opened.” If I tell you to open the door, it must mean that the door is closed. If it is already open you would probably give me a funny look.

So what does this mean? Allah al-Fattah opens the things that are closed.
Those things that seem impossible, those things that you cannot understand how they even work. A door has to be closed in order for someone to open it.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Whatever mercy Allah opens for mankind, then none can be holding it back; and whatever He holds back, then none can be sending it forth after Him; And He is The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise” (Qur’an, 35:2)

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Everything Except The Quran…

“When Ramadan entered, Sufyan Al-Thawri would leave all worship, and proceed to the recitation of the Qur’an.”


Taken from many of the amazingly beneficial reminders posted by our brother:

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If A Person Misses Out …


If a person misses out on something, one of two scenarios must apply. He may have felt helpless, which is the work of the shaytaan, who prompted him to say “If only”, but there is no benefit in that; rather it is the key to blame.

The second scenario is studying and pondering the divine decree; if something is decreed it could never miss him, and no one could get it before him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us that which will benefit a person whether he gets what he wanted or not. He forbade us to say “if only” and told us that this opens the door to the shaytaan, because it implies regret for what has passed, grief, sorrow, and blaming the divine decree, and one is sinning thereby. It is the work of the shaytaan. This does not apply only to the words “if only”, rather it applies to the feelings in the heart that accompany it, which are contrary to complete faith and open the door to the shaytaan.

Ibn al-Qayyim

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Soon It Will Snap

IMG_1097  “Whenever a rope tightens, it snaps; and the same holds true for hardships:

  When a hardship becomes too hard to bear, it snaps, making way for ease, comfort, and better days. ❞

- Aidh bin Abdullah al-Qarni

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Want something? Make Istighfar…

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Indeed A Gift In Disguise


Shayban said to Sufyan Al-Thawri,

“O Sufyan, count that which Allah has prevented from you as a gift to you;

since He has not prevented you out of stinginess but out of kindness.”

[Ibn Al-Jawzi's 'Sayid Al-Khatir', 329]

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‘By the amount you read…’


Ibrahim bin Abdulwahid advised al-Maqdisi when he wanted to travel for knowledge:

  “Increase your recitation of the Qur’an and do not leave it;

for what you seek will be facilitated to you by the amount you read”

[Dhail Tabaqat Al-Hanabilah, Ibn Rajab, 3/205]


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